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Customer Service Excellence


Delivering excellent customer service is tough even when things are going well. But life happens and organizations face any number of crises - small and large - some imposed upon them and some self-inflicted. No matter their origin, the impacts can be disruptive to say the least. The client's challenge was to restore excellence in their customer service after seeing significant degradation in customer satisfaction. 



First things first - triage the critically wounded processes. We immediately got the operations team focused on the basics, removing all extracurricular distractions. We introduced simple scorecards measuring key indicators of responsiveness. We set ambitious but achievable performance standards and empowered the CS agents to drive the changes. Then we went to work on the foundation deploying management practices that guarantee excellence and motivate employees.



Call abandonment rates stabilized and touchpoint satisfaction rates reached new highs. Employee engagement scores improved. And the entire team was taking ownership for building a long term customer service excellence foundation to weather future storms.


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