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Customer Centric Culture


Culture change is hard. Turning the barge of a big global enterprise toward a new strategic direction takes effort and time. The client's challenge – leadership was ready to declare victory on a two-year supply chain improvement effort and turn their focus on customers. They knew it was time to become a customer centered enterprise, but where to start was uncharted territory. They wanted a kickoff event to create momentum for the new direction and unify the team around a common approach.


An interactive two-day workshop took the global leadership team on a new path, navigating their way toward customer centricity. In preparation for the workshop, each leader was assigned a customer to interview, gathering feedback about their experience working with the company. During the workshop, we shared testimonies, created customer personas, and mapped customer journeys and developed action plans.


With this hands-on, evidence-based approach, leaders from all functions and geographies came together to tackle common customer experience weaknesses and reclaim strengths. Global leadership was reminded of what makes them successful – its core values – and crystalized its shortcomings with powerful customer stories. With a newly energized leadership team, each region came away motivated to take immediate actions to improve the customer experience

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