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State of the Digital Journey Offered by Top Chemical Producers


In today’s digital world, offering a better experience means giving customers digital options to self-serve when and where they want. Suppliers who make it easy for customers during the moments that matter along their buying journey win customers and keep them coming back. Customers having a better experience are more likely to pay more, forgive more and advise others to use the same supplier. Sadly, the chemical industry lags far behind other industries when it comes to offering digital options. Leaders struggle with where to start to provide a better digital journey.


We benchmarked the digital experience offered by the world’s largest chemical producers. We defined evaluation criteria based on our experience with digital best practices. Then we went online to carefully review their performance. Even though we did not find any producer offering a complete end-to-end digital experience, we did find practical examples of how some have cracked the code at high leverage touchpoints.


We developed a comprehensive guide to creating a seamless digital journey for chemical product innovators.  We cover the ideal digital journey from ideation (Discover), to analysis of options (Analyze), to selection of product solutions (Select), and finally to purchase (Buy).  The report highlights gaps in today's digital experience along with best practices used by the top chemical producers.

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